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Dear Outsourcers

This is not to be rude,

it's written down here to clear things up and to tell you, what we can deliver.

Germany is a strange market

German customers want it all, and they want it cheap (this may be so in other countries too).
German customers are a bit unflexible (I have had negotiations about outsourcing and heard the question "Can these people work in my office ?")
German customers are anxious (Outsourcing may cost their jobs vs. not outsourcing may cost even more jobs)
German customers stick to their business modells. (Having expensive employees worked well very long. Why change it ? )

If it comes to software development:
German heads of Software Development companies don't see their main competence (sitting in front of the customer and translating his plans into software requirements)

And the market:
The big ones have their own subsidiaries in India and wherever programming can be done very cheap.
The smaller ones ? See above. Very sticky.

And you

and now ?

Should you leave the german market on it's own. Should you give up ?

No. This market has also some goods for you.

If you managed to make a customer happy, the stickiness will work for you.
He never, ever will give you up. Even a lower price of your competitor will not immediately :-) pull him away from you.
He will recommendate you and not hesitate to give testimonials.

And of course, if he learned of the benefits of outsourcing, he will expand his business with you.

How can i make him happy ?

Maybe, you never get the chance to make a customer happy.

Giving him a first project free of charge (as some of you see as the ultimate marketing weapon) is not that welcomed in germany as you might think. There is a well known thinking "if it is free of charge it's worthless". And of course, the customer itself will want to start with a small project, to test your quality.

So, maybe you have to rethink your "introduction in the german market strategy" a little bit.

Finding some partners that give you development projects in exchange of a commission is not really a strategy. Why should they give it away ? Why to a company, they don't know so far ?

Building a long lasting network around a german "kind of subsidiary" may be the only way it works.
And "long lasting" points out, that someone, who is working on a commission-only base, will be starving.

and we ?

Not really surprisingly, we can deliver anything you need to build such a long lasting network.
We tackled our heads a while to think about that, what makes your success. And it's just that.

Business is done between people. You have to know a lot of people to do business with them.

That's, why we decided to be business networkers. That's a long taking, but also long lasting business model.

If you don't have a big marketing budget or a big first time customer handy, we believe, this is the only way to get introduced into the german market. And we are willing to help here.

We offer

If you are interested in such a longtaking, but successfully long lasting endeavour, don't hesitate to get in contact with us.

If not, you have to look for these "real sales people" ;-)

And don't be anxious. We are not too expensive (on the german market), but we know our value.
At all we want your success growing our income.